Personal Insurance

  • Auto - Preferred, standard or high-risk drivers? We offer different companies and discounts that you may qualify for and offer the best rate; as well as additional coverage for automotive tools and spare parts

  • Motorcycles/ATVS - We will ask a variety of questions to decide which of the many companies we represent would best serve your needs. 

  • Homeowners - Be sure to address all concerns before making a final decision on your homeowners purchase. It is important to know homeowners insurance is meant to cover unexpected damage and not routine maintenance or neglect. Have bad credit? - BADGER MUTUAL does not credit score!  Great coverage at a great rate for those who take care of their homes but does not have spotless credit.

  • Mobile/Manufactured Homes - Consider the value of your home and how much coverage you need.

  • Boat/Personal Water Crafts - Adding your boat or personal watercraft to your homeowners policy could be a costly mistake for higher deductibles. It will not be covered for risks such as wreckage removal and some liability such as fuel spillage clean up.

  • Renters - With renters insurance you will be able to replace unexpectedly damaged or stolen property. If you are forced to vacate for repairs or find new place to live you will be covered for additional living expenses until you can move back in or find a new place to live. To make a claim easier, be sure to record model numbers, serial numbers, dates and place of purchase, keep it someplace safe.

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  • You can be responsible for your collision deductible even when not at fault, depending on the type of collision you carry.
  • If you don't have "gap" insurance on your full coverage vehicle you will be responsible for the difference between blue book value and the balance of your loan/lease.
  • If you drive without insurance in Michigan, you are automatically at fault for an accident.
  • Not all Medical Insurance covers auto accidents - if you are improperly covered you could be responsible for large deductibles.
  • Motorized vehicles are not covered by your homeowners for damage or liability unless its reasonable to assume its used to maintain your property and then only if the claim happens on your property. If no coverage applies you are responsible for physical damage, bodily injury to others and property damage caused by that uninsured vehicle.
  • Most people carry a large deductible on their homes, so adding an R.V. to your homeowners policy means a larger deductible rates for years.
  • Personal property coverage comes with internal limits on certain items such as jewelry/furs, guns and collectibles.  Don't find out what your limits are after its too late.
  • Certain coverage such as back-up of sewer and drain have to be added to your policy to afford coverage.  Not all endorsements are created equal.  If you add it - know what it covers!
  • If your home is in good shape but credit issues are raising your rates - call us - we may be able to help!