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  • If you use your vehicle for business, a commercial auto policy provides more comprehensive coverage for unique risks and is frequently less expensive than a personal policy.
  • Many commercial auto carriers do not allow "permissive use" on a commercial vehicle so you need to rate all drivers.  Check new employee driving records to help save money on rates.
  • We check several leading companies; shopping both coverage and rates,  We will explain what each company offers and all of your extensive options, allowing you to choose what coverages are important to you and your business.



  • Auto/Fleet - Choose an insurer with the right combination of price and service. Research your policy options.  Having the right coverage is important which would include: injuries or damage you caused, your driver's injuries, injuries and damage by uninsured or underinsured drivers, and damage or theft of your vehicle(s). Know the policy priced which you can control your insurance costs.
  • Business Owners Package - If you chose a Business Owners Package be sure it cover's your needs based on the type of business you are in. Some coverage's in the package would include: General Building and Property Loss (Business Income Protection, Accounts Receivable, Money and Securities, Sewer or Drain Backup, Medical Payments Coverage) and Other Endorsements Available ( Property Off Premises, Ordinance of Law, Personal Property of Others, Backup of Sewers and Drains).
  • Workers Comp - The system in which Michigan uses to provide wage replacement, medical, and rehabilitation benefits to individuals who are injured while at work.  More information under the Act can be reached at Insurance Division at (517) 322-1195.
  • Trucking & Cargo Liability - Are you required to carry cargo coverage?  If so you may need coverage such as: Removal Expense Coverage, Sue and Labor Coverage, Earned Freight Coverage, Legal Expenses in defense or settlement of a claim.
  • Commercial General Liability - Liability insurance can be written as part of a commercial package policy or by itself if became liable to another for personal injury or property damage.  Inland Marine can be written both personal and commercial property and should be place on valuable property that needs more comprehensive coverage and may be limited by their very nature under other policies.  Its important to have enough coverage to replace any equipment.  

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