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When you shop for insurance do you just call and ask for a quote?  Does the agent you’re talking to ask any questions or explain any of the many choices he or she may be making on your behalf?  We get calls daily from people who are price shopping, without any idea they may be paying more for the “cheapest” policy than they would for a policy with better coverage.  We will give you the coverage you want after we explain your options. You tell us what coverage you want, and we will offer you our best available rate!

Everyday I receive calls requesting the “cheapest possible policy, because my car is old or a piece of junk”.  What I try to explain is an auto insurance policy is made up of several different coverages, with several different options.  Many agents will just quote the minimum coverage to make you legal on the road, but they also do not ask the probing questions that give you discounts.  When people take the time to answer a few questions and make a few informed decisions, they end up with better coverage at a better rate-and best of all, no surprises when they need the coverage! 

For an agent that will work with you to give you the coverage you need at the lowest possible rate, contact us!

WE HAVE MOVED! We are now located one building South in the Metamora Lakes Plaza (between Hungry Howies and the Physical Therapy center).

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Trust Us Insurance offers personal, commercial and life insurance and more!

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